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When it comes to staying comfortable in Paso Robles, California, a quality heat pump is your best bet. While the name may suggest it’s only good for the winter, a heat pump contributes to both the heating and cooling in your home, as its job is to move heat from one area to another. Learn about the most common heat pump problems that can affect your comfort and discover how professional service can help.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

When your heat pump fails to turn on, the culprit is likely something other than your heat pump itself. Oftentimes, it’s an electrical issue in which the heat pump isn’t receiving adequate power or your thermostat isn’t communicating with the heat pump. Check electrical panels and the unit itself for frayed wires, but leave any needed repairs to a professional.

Heat Pump Isn’t Producing Heat

In the winter, you’ll need your heat pump to bring warm air into your home, but at some point, you may notice a lack of sufficient heat. One common reason for this is blocked air registers. Always make sure registers are open and aren’t being blocked by any objects. Additionally, low heat production could be caused by dirty air filters, faulty valves, and not enough refrigerant flow.

Heat Pump Isn’t Removing Heat

Opposite to its winter function, in the summer a heat pump works by removing heat from your home, effectively cooling the air inside. If your home isn’t cool enough, your heat pump may need some attention. First, try changing the filter and see if that corrects the problem. If that doesn’t work, you could have a refrigerant leak in the system. You’ll need a licensed professional to inspect your system and fix the issue.

Whether you’re experiencing one of these common heat pump problems or you just need routine maintenance, call Straight Line Heating and Cooling at (805) 286-8800. Our technicians can fix your heat pump, no matter what the problem is. We will ensure that you stay comfortable all year long. Schedule an appointment with a technician today!

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