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It may not seem like it, but your ductwork is a critical component of your heating and cooling system. Ducts that are well-designed, properly installed and tightly sealed help deliver conditioned air where it’s needed quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, leaky air ducts can undermine an otherwise effective system and cause major headaches. Here are few problems you can expect from leaky air ducts in your Paso Robles home.

Compromised Air Quality

Between wildfire smoke, blowing dust and other pollutants, air quality is a common issue in San Luis Obispo County. Unfortunately, leaky air ducts can bring those air quality issues inside your home as well. Leaking ducts can suck up particulates and spread them throughout your home, potentially lowering your air quality to unsafe levels.

Higher Energy Bills

The only thing worse than paying high energy bills is paying for energy that you aren’t actually using. If you have leaky ductwork, a significant amount of your heating and cooling energy is likely being wasted. In fact, your ducts could be robbing your system of up to 20 percent of its maximum efficiency. That’s a terrible waste that can be prevented with some basic care.

Frequent Repairs

With so much energy going to waste, bad ductwork can also place a real burden on your system. Your HVAC components likely have to work unnecessarily hard to overcome the losses, leading to accelerated wear and tear. Operating your system in this condition for too long may lead to shorter service life and frequent repairs.

There’s no reason to settle for ducts that make your home less efficient and less healthy. Don’t wait until you experience more serious problems if you’ve been battling leaky air ducts in your home. Explore the ways you can benefit from Straight Line Heating and Cooling’s duct repair services or call today to get the assistance you need.

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