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Do you enjoy tweaking your thermostat for maximum indoor comfort at the lowest possible price? A smart thermostat comes with lots of bells and whistles to help you do that. If you want to save money but can’t deal with the programming, a learning thermostat can do the programming for you. Also known as Wi-Fi thermostats and connected devices, these high-tech controls offer plenty of attractions for homeowners:

1. Energy Savings

A smart thermostat can save between 10 and 23 percent annually on energy costs. They do it by using the most energy-efficient thermostat settings at any given time. The savings hold true whether you program the device yourself or invest in a device that does its own programming.

2. Learning Ability

Smart devices have sensors with which they can discern whether people are at home, away, awake or asleep. By tracking your movements, they can learn your family’s comfort preferences and create your indoor environment accordingly.

3. Remote Control

What happens if you go on vacation and decide to stay an extra week? Simply override your smart thermostat’s programming to keep the air conditioner at an energy-efficient setting until you return. With Wi-Fi thermostats, this can be done remotely via any internet-enabled device.

4. Energy Tracking

Connected devices collect data and use it to compile usage reports and tips for saving money. The reports can tell you how much power you’re using and whether your energy usage has changed over time.

5. Connected Device

Wi-Fi thermostats can communicate with other connected devices on compatible platforms. These devices include smart air purifiers and smart humidifiers. Using voice command technology, connected devices will allow you to control the thermostat setting using only your voice.

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