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Efficient ductwork is a critical part of any building’s systems. Prefabricated duct components are easily available, but there are several reasons why they don’t compare to custom components from a sheet metal shop. Read on to learn about the benefits of investing in custom sheet metal fabrication for your Paso Robles, California, home.

Custom Components Prevent Air Leaks

According to Energy Star, nearly half of all HVAC systems are incorrectly installed. An incorrectly installed system can reduce system performance by up to 30 percent. A common problem with improper installations stems from attempts to use prefabricated parts in places where they don’t fit as they should.

HVAC systems operate under tremendous pressure and extreme temperatures. This combination can cause ducts to move slightly and create leaks. Experts in sheet metal fabrication can create ducts and fittings that attach perfectly to prevent leaks and keep your components from working harder than necessary. This extends the life of HVAC components and saves money on energy bills.

Long Runs Require More Energy

Many buildings require runs of ductwork that are anything but standard, and a truly efficient HVAC system must be customized to fit a space. Experts in sheet metal fabrication can utilize calculations from an optimized HVAC design to create duct systems that avoid unnecessarily long runs. Pushing air farther than it needs to go wastes energy and shortens the life of components.

Parts Need to Fit Any Available Space

Sheet metal fabrication experts can also make ducts and fittings that work properly in unusually small spaces where off-the-shelf parts often won’t fit. Even when a universal part will fit a space, it doesn’t always allow efficiently balanced air pressure between supply and return channels. A sheet metal shop will fabricate components that ensure the highest efficiency no matter where they need to be placed.

The custom sheet metal shop at Straight Line Heating and Cooling can fabricate sheet metal for a wide variety of applications. To learn more about their services, check them out online or call today.

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